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RV Owners' Dilemma

Lack of Use: Most RV owners use their vehicles for a few weeks each year, at best. The rest of the year, the RV sits idle while the monthly bills keep rolling in. Worse, RVs are not designed to stand still. Tires accumulate dry rot. Routine maintenance is missed. The value suffers.

RV Financing Trap: There is also a built-in issue with almost every type of personal  RV finance. The rate of depreciation exceeds the rate of principal repayment. As a result, many RV owners find themselves swiftly underwater on their loan. The outstanding loan exceeds the value of the RV.

Owner Consignment Benefits

At Journey USA RV Rentals, we can help overcome these issues. We manage all aspects of your RV with a partnership approach, based on open communication and full transparency. We aim to be the Gold Standard for Owner Consignment and provide the following benefits:

Regular monthly income.

'Instant' maintenance, zero wait times = Minimum downtime & maximum income.

Exclusive Owner Labor rates - SAVES 30%!

Transparency and Communication. Each owner has 24/7 access to a unique, online Commissions and Maintenance file.

Potential tax breaks.

Secure storage.

Partnership Approach

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