To save time on your departure day, we recommend that you read, sign and return our rental contract and insurance confirmation several days prior to departure.

You must also watch the relevant vehicle video and read the Reference Manual, which will be sent to you a few days prior to your departure.


Our standard departure times are from 12:00pm-5:00pm although we try to be flexible to meet your requirements. Please allow at least one hour at departure and if you have not driven an RV before, up to two hours.

At departure, you will need to complete the Check Out forms stating that the vehicle is in good condition so we encourage you to take notes and photographs.

You will be given an orientation that will familiarize you with the key operating systems on the vehicle. You will also have received an operating video and a reference manual on your vehicle a few days prior to departure. We require you to review both prior to departing our premises.

Your contract includes a clause stating that you have read and understood both the vehicle video and reference manual.

Check Out Items

Short safety questionnaire

Vehicle orientation

Check Out Form

Pictures of the vehicle


Our check process is designed not only to ensure you are comfortable operating the RV, but also to make you aware of your responsibilities when renting an RV.

It is important to understand that an RV is not as simple as a car and that it requires attention and care throughout your journey.

For example, you should check the tire pressure, daily as well as the suspension airbags if they are on your vehicle. Failure to do so can lead to an uneven distribution of weight and increased probability of tire blowouts.

Similarly, generators cannot be run continuously for more than eight hours, when they need at least one hour of downtime. You will sign a contract that includes a clause stating that you understand and agree to these terms.

Remember: RVs are expensive vehicle with complex systems that require responsible management. Failure to fulfill renter responsibilities makes you liable for any damages or maintenance, while also possibly spoiling your vacation.

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