Many customers inquire if we charge mileage fees.

We do – and for a good reason!

There is a real cost of depreciation/mile on an RV. Rental agencies who do not charge mileage fees are doing a disservice to the vehicle owner and are unfair to renters who are traveling short distances, locally.


Our Tampa RV rental fleet is a mixture of company-owned RVs and individually owned RVs. We treat our Owners as partners and it was clear that we were doing them a disservice when we did not charge excess mileage fees. The reason is that on longer distances during short rentals, the very real depreciation on the vehicle is not reflected in the pricing.

As a result, while our job is made easier by not charging excess mileage fees, the Owner of the vehicle suffers. Their share of the rental fees is lowered by the additional depreciation expense on the second rental. Our share of the rental income is unaffected.

For example: 

Renter 1 rents a Class C for 10 days and travels to a West Palm Beach, FL.

Total Mileage: 400 Av/Day: 40

Renter 2 rents a Class C for 10 days and travels to/from the Grand Canyon.

Total Mileage: 4,400 Av/Day: 440

Renter 2 drives ten times the distance of Renter 1, but pays the same amount. In our opinion, this is unreasonable and unfair both to Renter 1 and the Owner, given 10x the mileage depreciation.

Renter 1 is effectively subsidizing Renter 2, albeit unaware they are doing so. 

As a professional rental agency that operates with full transparency, we also recognize that rental agencies who do not charge excess mileage fees are not only doing a disservice to their consignment owners, but will also have a significantly more rapidly deteriorating fleet.

Our goal is to treat everyone fairly while maintaining the newest RV rental fleet in Tampa. Mileage fees help achieve just that!

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