Our Pet Policy

We understand that you may wish to bring your dog on your RV vacation and agree to do so under the following terms & conditions. We do not allow cats or other pets in our RVs.

$100 pet fee


The following terms & conditions apply to bringing a pet on your RV trip:

You must notify us beforehand and have paid the $100 pet fee.

Allowable pets are limited to two dogs of 50lbs or less or a service animal.

You may not leave the pet unattended in the vehicle unless in a cage.

No pet is allowed on any furniture. This includes seats, sofas, dinette area, overhead bunks or beds.

The cost of any repairs for damage to the vehicle will be charged to your security deposit.


Penalty Fee: $500.00

Occasionally, we find evidence of an undeclared pet in an RV. Such evidence includes but is not limited to the following:

Pet Hair

carpet and/or fabric stains

carpet and/or fabric tears

pet food

damage of window coverings

panel or wood trim damage

smell or odor associated with an animal

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